Reworking Workout Schedule (Navy SEAL)

One of the biggest lessons I am learning about how success in this journey comes down to planning. I have talked briefly about this before. If you wake up and know exactly what needs to be done that day to move you forward, then indecision about life that day fades away immediately. Now that I've … Continue reading Reworking Workout Schedule (Navy SEAL)


I Really Don’t Know How To Swim

There is a big difference between swimming for pleasure and swimming for sport. I went the first 10 weeks grunting it out in the pool thinking I was really improving. Then, I discovered that my technique wasn't so hot. I tried changing it to follow some video tutorials (see this post) but it still didn't … Continue reading I Really Don’t Know How To Swim

Deeper Relationships: Working On Personal Development

Deeper Relationships Image

It has been a little over a week since I wrote the post, Assessing Relationships Around My Life. I began recording my interactions with poepleto assess how well I really knew them. I am poor at creating communityaround myself and my family. This exercise has taught me about my fears and shortcomings in forming deeper relationships? Lost (or … Continue reading Deeper Relationships: Working On Personal Development

Assessing Relationships Around My Life

Assessing Relationships

Beginning to work on yourself and your relationships doesn't seem natural to me. Not that it isn't natural to the human existence, I just don't naturally do it. I could blame certain personality traits I exhibit and probably many other excuses. But, that's just what they are, excuses. It's time to buckle down and actually spend … Continue reading Assessing Relationships Around My Life